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Update on Bus Service Changes

We have previously reported that the London Bus X2C route would change from 1 October. The Council has now been notified by the operator that they will be withdrawing the service completely from this date, (subject to confirmation of the Traffic Commissioner), as passenger numbers have not been at the level envisaged.

From 30 October, First are adjusting the times on a number of services, particularly those to Thornbury and Yate. Further details are shown below, and full details are available on the Council’s website. Services affected are:
Service 309-311 (Bristol – Thornbury – Dursley)
Service 327/329 (Bristol – Yate)
Service 342/X42 (Bristol – Yate)
Service X14 (Bristol – Chepstow)

From 20 November, service changes will affect the following services:
First will amend services in the Hanham, Longwell Green and Cadbury Heath areas to give a consistent service throughout the day:
Service 6 (Bristol – Kingswood – Longwell Green)
Service 18/19 (Emersons Green – Southmead Hospital)
Service 42/43 (Bristol – Kingswood – Bitton / Cadbury Heath)
Service 44/44A/45 (Bristol – Hanham – Cadbury Heath – Bitton)

Changes from 30 October 2011

Service 309-311 (Bristol – Thornbury – Dursley) Minor changes to early morning and evening times affect these services. There are changes to the 311 route within the Dursley area with journeys retimed as a consequence.

Service 327/329 (Bristol – Yate) An additional 327 journey is added at 1940 (1935 Saturdays) from Yate to Bristol.

Service 342/X42 (Bristol – Yate)
Minor changes to early morning and evening times affect these services. On Mondays to Fridays the 0833 journey from Chipping Sodbury (X42) is withdrawn.

Service X14 (Bristol – Chepstow)
This service is altered to operate non-stop between Cribbs Causeway and Bristol Bus Station to give flexibility of intermediate route during periods of traffic disruption. No timetable changes are proposed and journeys operated by Stagecoach will continue to observe stops at Westbury, Clifton Down and Clifton Triangle.

Changes from 20 November 2011

Service 6 (Bristol – Kingswood – Longwell Green) The Kingswood to Hanham Common link will now be covered on service 44. Kingswood to Aspects will be possible on service 42.

Service 18/19 (Emersons Green – Southmead Hospital) These new services were introduced from 4 September. Following feedback on the initial operation and timing issues experienced, further changes will be made from 20 November. All journeys will now operate as service 18 via Cossham Street in Mangotsfield following difficulties experienced serving the Science Park and Treatment Centre in Emersons Green, and to improve the frequency from Mangotsfield. It is not yet possible to route the service along Conygre Road due to issues with the highway layout and potential running time difficulties, although this will be reviewed again and may be possible from early 2012.  (Service 30 will be amended to give a more regular service to the Science Park from Emerson Green linking all calling services).

Service 42 (Bristol – Kingswood – Bitton) An hourly evening and Sunday service will be introduced improving the service in Court Road and Cock Road. Evening journeys will service Aspects at Longwell Green.

Service 43 (Bristol – Kingswood – Cadbury Heath) The evening and Sunday service will be reduced to hourly to better match passenger demand. This will enable the introduction of service 42 at these times.

Service 44 (Bristol – Hanham Common – Kingswood) From Hanham, Blue Bowl, the service will follow Hanham Road to Kingswood providing a 20 minute service.

Service 44A (Bristol – Hanham Common – Cadbury Heath – Bitton) This service is withdrawn as the service is covered by changes to other services in the area.

Service 45 (Bristol – Hanham – Cadbury Heath – Longwell Green) From Cadbury Heath, the service will now continue to Aspects along Craven Way to replace service 44. The service between Cadbury Heath and Bitton is covered by service 42.

With regards the situation with Service 71/72 the ITU is still liaising with 2 operators for a solution to providing a level of service through Conygre Road with the possibility that Bradley Stoke south could also be included in this solution.  It is expected that we shall be in a position to begin a service by early spring subject to the operators satisfying themselves that the service will be sustainable.

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