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Feedback from the 2010 Energy Day

The feedback received so far via emails sent in to

Following your open day on February 27th, I would like to state the following.I speak as Treasurer of the Hall, and would like to say that I personally fully support this project. I am aware that your proposal will have no visual effect on me where I live, consequently it makes my decision perhaps somewhat easier than those whose views are affected by the wind turbine. I am really excited by the estimated eventual Financial aspect of the project. There are just so many improvements and ongoing maintenance projects that are required in order to keep the Hall at it's current standard. We endeavour to keep the hire fees at a level whereby all the everyday running costs of the Hall arecovered, but this does mean that any specific project would require a particular fund-raiser. We currently wish to carry out the following:-
Provide a canopy to the disabled access ramp £5,000
Refurbish the kitchen and servery areas £8,000
Maintenance to the equipment in the play area, and the provision of replacement and new bins in the field £2,000
We do look for Grants towards these tasks but they appear hard to come by these days. I am aware that probably all the estimated cash surplus from the project might be for general Village benefit, not just the Hall, but even the reduction of our energy costs would make our life a lot easier.

There is no scientific consensus that mans (or even natures) carbon emissions cause climate change/global warming because no science exists to back it up. Have a look at where nearly 31,000 scientists, PhDs and engineers publicly state their position.
There is also lots of information on carbon dioxide at or\CO2.htm many.

Also the planet is not short of energy. Have a look at
Have you read this report by Peter Odell? I doubt it.

The whole carbon footprint, carbon-is-bad bandwagon is built on non-science. If you disagree then show me and the world the science behind your belief. Publish it. And remember, show the SCIENCE that demonstrates that CO2 is to blame. I’ve been waiting for 20 years for someone to do that so I won’t be holding my breath right now.

No one who has installed any of the devices that you propose will tell you the actual result of their expensive mistakes because they are too embarrassed by their gullibility in falling for the hype. Wind generation? Do me a favour! Not even in Hawkesburys windy clime. Dead parrot I reckon.

Replace the existing boiler with a new one of the same type. You will save yourself and the village a ton of money and you will have no nasty ‘oh dear what a cock-up’ problems when it all falls apart during your tenure as officers of the hall. Future officers will also bless you for your foresight.
And by-the-way are you, as individuals, going to pay the inevitable shortfall from your own pockets when your plans fail to generate an income, as surely they will fail?

No, I am not a scientist but I am an electrical design engineer who has worked in electricity generation and in energy control and reduction for over 40 years. In my work I have looked into what you now propose and I have discarded it all as being far too expensive and not fit for purpose. These things do work, a bit, but not as well as the marketing men say. The figures never add up once you have a really good, honest, informed look at them. And they certainly will not add up when you have spent the fortune proposed in your presentation.

I think this is a great initiative. My main concern though is about impact to the football pitch - both during the work and subsequently when the turbine is in operation (safety of players etc). Also - have absolutely everything been done to improve the energy efficiency of the hall - as this should always be the first steps.

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